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Industrial Solutions for Farming Applications.

Agriculture Is Tough.

Agriculture Irrigation PivotSo are our motors, drives, and gear reducers.  At WorldWide Electric, we understand that buying motors for agricultural applications is about far more than an attractive price. Farming and agriculture applications require equipment that is designed and built to handle the rigors of tough starts and stops, frequent use, and even always-on situations. That’s why our Farm Duty motors are designed to perform in the high-torque, heavy-duty environment that agriculture demands. And if you need more horsepower, we’ve got you covered with our Premium Efficient motors as well. Because your profits and livelihood depend on reliability, dependability, and quality.

Single-Phase Motors

⅓ – 10 Horsepower

WorldWide Electric Integral Farm Duty Motor

A good Farm Duty motor needs to be versatile and reliable. That’s why WorldWide Electric offers Single-Phase replacement motors for all agriculture and farm applications from ⅓ – 10 horsepower. Single-Phase motors through 10 horsepower are specifically designed for high torque agriculture or Farm Duty applications.

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Three-Phase Motors

Up To 600 Horsepower

WorldWide Electric EPG Premium Efficiency Motor

While most farm and agriculture applications are paired best with a Farm Duty motor, there are some situations where more horsepower, more flexibility, or more efficiency are required.WorldWide Electric Corporation offers complete lines of Premium Efficient, Explosion Proof, fractional, and c-face motors to cover many agricultural needs.

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Vertical Hollow Shaft

10 – 300 HP

White Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor

Irrigation and deep wells. These specialized applications require specialized motors. WorldWide Electric offers quality, affordable Vertical Hollow Shaft motors specifically for deep well and groundwater pumping applications. Paired with a WorldWide Electric WorldDrive or Enclosed Pump Control Package, our VHS motors will support all your irrigation and well applications.

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Resilient and Affordable Gear Reducers for Agricultural Applications

WorldWide Electric offers a complete line of gear reducers ideal for the rigors and stresses of the Agricultural Industry. Our diverse lines include Shaft Mount Reducers, Right Angle Cast Iron and Aluminum Reducers, Helical Bevel Reducers, Stainless Steel Reducers, and more.

Agriculture And Farming Grain Silos

Shaft Mount Reducers

Box Sizes 2-10

WorldWide Electric Shaft Mount Reducer Box 2

WorldWide Electric’s dependable lines of Shaft Mount Reducers includes “The Original” SMR and “The Ulitmate” WSMR. Available in box sizes from 2-10 (2-9 for WSMR) WorldWide Electric’s Shaft Mount Reducers are ideal for agricultural workloads like material handling and screw conveyors.

The “Original” Shaft Mount Reducer

The “Ultimate” Shaft Mount Reducer

Speed Reducers

Right Angle, Helical, Helical Bevel, and More

WorldWide Electric Right Angle Speed Reducer

Among our versatile speed reducer offerings are helical, helical bevel, and right angle in cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. WorldWide Electric has a speed reducer for your unique agricultural application.

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