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Oil Well Pump Motors

Heavy Duty for Oil Applications

WorldWide Electric’s Oil Well Pump Motors are designed for the challenges of oil production, and feature high starting / breakdown torque performance with high slip NEMA Design D. Oversized bearings allow for heavy duty belt drive applications: roller bearings are supplied on 50 HP motors and above. Available in 3-150 HP, 1200 and 900 RPM and with a TEFC enclosure and rigid base, WorldWide Electric’s Oil Well Pump Motors are ideal for the harsh environment and workload of the oil and gas industries.

Product Features

  • 3-150 HP
  • 1200 and 900 RPM
  • 230/460/796 volt
  • TEFC enclosure
  • 1.15 service factor
  • Class F insulation
  • Rigid base
  • High efficiency
  • Inverter duty, 10:1 CT / 20:1 VT
  • 3000 volt spike resistant, inverter duty wire
  • Motors meet NEMA MG-1, Part 31
  • Three winding thermostats provided (one per phase)
  • NEMADesign D - high slip
  • Suitable for 50 hz operation with 1.0 service factor

Note: R indicates the inclusion of roller bearing on drive end for belted applications

Model Number
FL Amps (A)
FL Eff (%)
Approx Wt. (lbs.)
Model Number
List Price
Model NumberHPRPMVoltageFrameEnclosureFL Amps (A)FL Eff (%)Approx Wt. (lbs.)NotesSpecificationsModel NumberList Price
OW3-12-213T31200230/460/796213TTEFC484.9143 SpecificationsOW3-12-213T$1,020.49
OW3-9-215T3900230/460/796215TTEFC4.984153 SpecificationsOW3-9-215T$1,299.44
WWELUC5-12-215T51200230/460/796215TTEFC7.382.3154 SpecificationsWWELUC5-12-215T$1,087.61
OW5-12-215T51200230/460/796215TTEFC7.587.5158 SpecificationsOW5-12-215T$1,208.46
OW5-9-254T5900230/460/796254TTEFC7.985.6248 SpecificationsOW5-9-254T$2,076.19

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