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Gear Reducers

Increase Torque & Reduce Load Speed

We manufacture gear reducers, or speed reducers, designed to increase the torque and reduce load speed of your electric motors. Move loads safely and efficiently without compromising performance with our excellent selection of gear reducers.

Quality & Peace of Mind

We offer gear reducers to manufacturing facilities that produce product 24/7. Our after-hours service capability offered to WWE distributors is second to none. Call a WorldWide Electric distributor for readily available WWE gear reducers or parts that our distributors stock in warehouses located all over the country.

High Volume & Low Costs

Original Equipment Manufacturers find readily-available inventory at affordable prices when they purchase our gear reducers. Engineering drawings and product manuals are readily available online to help support machine design and production.


Distributors who purchase our gear reducers include: Power Transmission Distributors, Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc.(EASA) shops, and Electrical Distributors.

Unconditional Warranty

We strive to make it so easy for you to do business with us. If there is a product failure due to a manufacturers defect, we’ll ship you a new reducer (you must pay the outbound freight). There is no hassle in that we do not require that you return the unit for evaluation. Simply take a picture of the failure, send us a description of the issue and application specifics, and return to us only the reducer name plate so that we know the unit has been taken out of service. If we see that the failure was caused by the mis-application, we will suggest an alternate gearbox to prevent failure recurrence.