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The Ultimate Shaft Mount Reducer

Designed for OEMs with a stronger cast-iron casing, increased mounting options and an extended three year warranty, WorldWide Electric’s Ultimate Shaft Mount Reducer (SMR) is the best choice for screw conveying applications and all other shaft mount applications requiring a more rugged design. For this gear reducer, we offer industry standard CEMA screw conveyor flanges and drive shafts for output bore sizes ranging from 1-15/16” to 3-7/16”, in speed ratios of 9:1,15:1, and 25:1. This reducer is also available in bore sizes 3-15/16” through 4-15/16” for non-screw conveying applications in speed ratios of 15:1 and 25:1. The Ultimate provides exceptional reliability backed by a 3-year warranty.

Product Features

  • 9:1, 15:1 and 25:1 ratios
  • Box sizes 2-9
  • Tapered bushing type (bushing not included)
  • Premium quality ball and tapered bearings - double lip seals
  • Shafts and gears manufactured from high grade steel, case hardened and precision ground to AGMA standards
  • Industrial grade all-cast iron housings protect gearing for life
  • Extended gear centers and tooth contact
  • Metal reinforced double lip, spring loaded oil seals
  • Dimensional drop-in for all major makes
  • Torque arm included
  • Made in Taiwan (highest level of manufacturing expertise)
  • 3-year warranty
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Model Number
Box Size
Output Bore (Max.)
Approx Wt. (lbs.)

List Price
Model NumberBox SizeRatioOutput Bore (Max.)Approx Wt. (lbs.)SpecificationsList Price
WSMR2-9/129:11 15/16"58Specifications $1,409.76
WSMR2-15/1215:11 15/16"68Specifications $1,409.76
WSMR2-25/1225:11 15/16"68Specifications $1,409.76
WSMR3-9/139:12 3/16"98Specifications $2,105.95
WSMR3-15/1315:12 3/16"106Specifications $2,105.95

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