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Motor Controls

Need More Motor Control?

Our large inventory of motor controls include drive, soft start, and control products that offer solutions to a wide range of applications to meet your specific industry need. Our products offer control over the starting and stopping, operating speed, and protection of your motors. We also offer world class service to support you in any of your control needs. Take a look at all you can do with our motor controls.

Vary the Speed of Motor Operation

Our line of variable frequency drives (VFD) control electric motors by varying their voltage and frequency during operation. The Hyundai N700E Series High Performance Drive we offer is very easy and efficient to use. It offers powerful control solutions with exceptional speed control and torque response which provides superior vector performance. This product is available as an open-drive or closed-drive to protect against harsh environments. We also add PLC / HMI devices to this drive to increase its applications. Learn more about our variable frequency drives.

Gradually Start & Stop Electric Motors

Some industry applications cannot handle abrupt starts and stops. Electrical motors draw more current when starting than during operation which drops voltage, and can cause other electronics to shut down if not properly managed for certain applications. Our soft starters efficiently reduce the load and torque during startups and shutdowns which reduces mechanical stress over the lifetime of the equipment. Our product line of soft starters come in a variety of additional components to help multiple industries control and enhance their application. Learn more about our soft starters.