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Medium Voltage Soft Starters - MVC Plus Series

The MVC Plus Medium Voltage Series Soft Starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with “True Thermal Modeling,” while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC Plus Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets.

Worldwide has Medium Voltage Soft Starters in stock!

Product Features

AC Supply Voltage

2300, 3300, 4160, 6000/7200V, 11-15kV VAC +10% to -15%, 50/60 Hz line voltages

HP Ratings

Up to 10,000HP @ 7.2kV (800 Amps max) Up to 20,000HP @ 15kV (800 Amps max))

SCR Overload Ratings

500% - 60 seconds, 600% - 30 seconds
Model Number
Dimensions (Inches)

List Price
Model NumberVoltageMax FLAHPKWDimensions (Inches)List Price
MVC4-23100-E-SWG230010035026192.5 x 36 x 30 $95,412.61
MVC4-23200-E-SWG230020070052292.5 x 36 x 30 $100,865.04
MVC4-23400-E-SWG23004001400104492.5 x 36 x 30 $94,879.00
MVC4-23600-E-SWG23006302200130092.5 x72 x 30 $177,195.80
MVC4-23800-E-SWG23008002800160092.5 x72 x 30 Please Call

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