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Smart Interface Device (SID)

This product is READY TO RUN. You can access any parameters on the Hyundai N700E drive. PID setting drive copy lets you save all drive parameters in the keypad so you can easily load them back on the drive. You can also see your transducer in PSI units.

SID1 (HE-XE102-86) provides simple design and clean information. A rugged keypad provides access to all of the information you need. The information is displayed on a crystal clear monochrome backlit LCD screen.
SID7 (HE-XW1E2-86) displays controls and information on a 7inch TFT color touchscreen. Pump status, POC conditions, and trip/alarm items are always visible on the SID7, regardless of the screen the operator is viewing.

Product Features

  • Data Logging Screen:
    - Number of strokes
    - Number of faults
    - Number of pump-offs
  • Drive Monitoring Screens:
    - Torque (%)
    - Motor voltage
    - Motor current
    - DC bus voltage
    - PJ parameters
  • Drive Alarm History Time of Event:
    - Reference
    - Current
    - DC bus voltage
    - Motor voltage
Model Number

List Price
Model NumberList Price
HE-XW1E2-86 $5,525.44
HE-XE102-86 $1,630.53

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